Webdbadmin – the next generation database administration tool

The Webdbadmin project represents a better alternative to the existing web based database management tools by bringing the usability, power and features of a desktop database application into the web world.

Webdbadmin provides users with a key feature that’s missing from other database management tools, ease of use. Current database administration products offer powerful features, but their interfaces are designed for function, with very little form. Webdbadmin is set to change that oversight. We’ve brought the power and functionality of a web-based database management tool with the style and form of a desktop database application.  The result is a truly immersive desktop experience with the flexibility of a web-based service.

Anyone with experience using other database administration tools, such as phpmyadmin or sqlbuddy will find that Webdbadmin is a viable and superior replacement for those products.

The current release of Webdbadmin supports MySQL. Future versions will be expanded to include SQLite, PostGreSQL and MSSQL. Oracle and DB2 database support will also be included in the subsequent releases. Our aim is to offer a single desktop-like application that will allow the end user to easily and comfortable administer any database they choose, regardless of the type.

Main features

  • User friendly and very intuitive interface
  • Support for multiple sessions/connections
  • User and group management
  • Browsing database structure in a tree model
  • Advanced table data browser with inline editor
  • Import and export of databases
  • SQL query panel
  • and more …

Full Feature List

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Why choose us?


Webdbadmin is developed with the latest web technologies, frameworks and libraries.

With more than 10 years development experience, delivering a high quality product is the main target.


User friendly interface, usability, performance, security are aspects that will help you improve your productivity.


Webdbadmin will be developed based on the users/community needs.
It is very important to know what your need/requirements are so you’re welcomed to send feedback!